General Questions:

Where are you located?
We are conveniently located right next to entrance to the National Park and just a 2 minute walk
from the Zion Visitor Center.  When exiting the park at the south entrance we are the very first
building on the park border.  Our store is in the same complex as the Cable Mt. Lodge, Brew
Pub, and Canyon Market.
Where do I park when I come to rent?
Free parking is available at the Visitors center (located inside the drive-through entrance of Zion
National Park). 2 hour free parking is available at our location along with full-day (until 11 pm)
paid parking. We are within steps of the walk-through entrance of Zion National Park. Keep in
mind, during peak seasons all parking fills up early and quickly. Additional street parking is
available throughout Springdale (paid parking). There is a free Springdale Shuttle with multiple
stops throughout the town and the last shuttle stop being at the front door of our location.

Parking is free during the winter months (December through February) only when the Zion
Canyon and Springdale shuttles are not available.

Do you provide hiking shuttle services?
We refer our customers to Red Rock Shuttles.  To arrange a hiking shuttle or inquire about
pricing please call (435)635-9104.
Do you offer a group discount?
Yes, we offer 10% off rental prices to groups of 8 or more.  If you have a group of over 20
people please email so we can plan for your arrival!

Narrows Equipment:

Do I need to reserve Narrows Gear?

Reservations are optional and can be made on our website. We guarantee to have all sizes available for reserved customers prior to 10am. We generally don’t run out so if you cannot make it by 10am there is a good chance we will still have what you need when you come in. Reservations for holiday weekends may be limited; come in first come first serve.

Can I wear my own shoes in the Narrows?
Though rental gear is not required to hike the Narrow, it makes your hiking experience much
more safe and enjoyable.  The canyoneering boots are specifically designed for hiking through
water and will save your own hiking boots from becoming stretched/ruined.  They provide
necessary ankle support for the slick, uneven terrain.  The soles of the shoes are made of a
climbing shoe rubber called “stealth rubber” that provides unmatched traction on wet rock.  The
boots are worn with a neoprene sock which is basically a wetsuit for your foot.  Neoprene
insulates your foot and causes much fewer blisters than a wet cotton/wool sock.
What sizes do you carry in Narrows gear?

Canyoneering boots and neoprene socks are available for sizes from childrens 11 up to a mens
15. Dry bibs and dry pants are available in mens small to XXL. Our kids dry suits fit children
about age 8 and up depending on height.

Do you carry shoes in Wide or Narrow Widths?
The adjustability of the canyoneering boots is made to accommodate those with extra wide or
narrow feet.  For wide widths we generally size up a full size and instruct on how to properly
lace for a good fit.  Express your needs to the staff when you come to be outfitted and we will
find a fit that works best for you!
Should I take my trekking poles into the Narrows?
We include a hiking stick with all rental packages! Most trekking poles that go through the
Narrows get bent in the rocks or jammed with gritty sand.  Our hiking sticks are solid wood and
provide much better stability while walking in the river.
Is the Narrows a suitable hike for children?
The Narrows can be an amazing hike for families depending on the season, current conditions,
and the individual child.  Summer and early Fall bring warm temperatures and low water levels.
Kids who like the water will have a great time cooling off in the river.  Parent should be cautious
during Winter and Spring since water levels can be high and cold!  We do have dry suit options
for kids about age 8+ (depending on their height and size).  These are a great option during late
Spring and Fall when water temps and flow are moderate.
Can I take my camera into the Narrows?
The Narrows is only safe for cameras with proper protection from water.  Though water is not
always deep, there is always a chance that a bag will be dropped or a hiker will slip into the
river, submerging their camera equipment.  We recommend renting a dry backpack or dry sack
if you will be carrying your camera.  We carry a variety of options to rent or purchase for
phones, cameras, keys, extra clothing, etc.
Do I need a permit for the Narrows?
You do not need a permit to hike the Narrows bottom-up beginning at the Temple of Sinawava.
Permits are only required for hikers doing the top-down hike. Permits can be obtained through
the backcountry desk in the Visitor Center (see park website).
What clothes should I wear to hike the Narrows?
During warm weather it’s best to wear a water-wicking pair of shorts that you plan to get wet.
Non-cotton clothing is recommended.  Hats and sunglasses can be nice but are not necessary
since there isn’t much direct sun in the canyon.  If you plan to rent dry bibs/pants then you will
wear your regular hiking clothes underneath.  The dry bibs/pants are a waterproof layer but are
not necessarily insulating.  For cold days it is best to have multiple warm layers on legs and top
to help insulate.
Do I need a guide for the Narrows?
Guides are not recommended for the majority of Narrows hikers!  The bottom-up hike is one of
the most popular trails in the park and is very straight forward.  The first mile is on a paved path
followed by up to 4 miles of walking upstream in the Virgin River. The National Park permits

commercial companies to guide in the Narrows for bottom-up hikers only.   All guided groups
are required by the national park to turn back at Orderville Canyon (1.5 miles past end of paved
path) which means you miss out on the most iconic section of the hike.  We recommend renting
the proper gear and doing the hike without a guide so you can enjoy the full hike!

Do you sell used gear?
We sell our used equipment throughout the year when condition drops below our rental
standard.  Boots, socks, dry gear, and bags are usually always available in a retired condition.
Many bikes will become available to purchase at the end of each season.  Ask about the gear
while you are in the shop or send inquiries to

Canyoneering Equipment:

Do you rent harnesses/helmets?

We do not rent any technical canyoneering equipment. Basic canyoneering equipment can be purchased in our retail section if needed. We carry ropes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners, rappel devices, etc.

Can I rent a drysuit for canyoneering?

Unfortunately we do not allow any of our dry equipment to be used for canyoneering. Canyon conditions are too rough on equipment and our suits are specifically designed for use on hikes such as the Narrows.

Do you guide canyoneering?
We do not currently guide any technical canyoneering excursions.


Do I need to reserve bikes?

Reservations for bikes are limited. Check our biking tab for current info on reservations. When reservations are unavailable we rent on a first come first serve basis. An early arrival is a great way to ensure we have all sizes available.

Does a bike rental include a helmet?

Helmets are available with all bike reservations. All E-bike riders are required to take and use a helmet.

Can I leave the bikes to hike?
Each shuttle stop in the canyon has bike parking available.  You are welcome to leave your bike
to hike or walk to overlooks during your rental.  Bike locks are not provided or required.
Can I rent a bike for multiple days?

Bikes are rented on a daily basis and must be returned in the evening.


Tube rentals have been discontinued, tubes are available for purchase at Zion Outfitter


How do the showers work?

Showers are available during open store hours(7am to 9pm) with extended evening hours during the
summer.  Facility is located on the bottom floor of the building down the marked stairs in the

back.  The showers are operated with tokens that cost $4 per 5 minutes and can be purchased
inside the store or from a machine downstairs.


What camping equipment do you carry?
We carry the basics for camping!  We have a small selection of tents and a variety of camping
pads, sleeping bags, and other small items (tent pegs, headlamps, backpacking stoves/meals,
fuel canisters etc.).  For specific items and availability email
What canyoneering/climbing equipment do you carry?
We carry the basics for both climbing and canyoneering.  We keep a small selection of ropes in
stock as well as harnesses, webbing, helmets, rappel devices, carabiners, etc.  For specific
items and availability email

Reservation Information:

What is the refund policy for reservations?
Refunds are available on all reservations with 24 hour notice. Requests for refunds can be made by logging into your account on our website and selecting the cancellation option. All reservations will be cancelled and refunded for days deemed unsafe to hike the Narrows due to weather or other conditions
Retail returns?
All retail purchased in-store may be returned within the week of purchase if unused and in the original packaging. Refunds will be returned to debit/credit card used to purchase. Receipts are required for all returns on cash transactions. Customer complaints or issues with purchased apparel or equipment may be redirected to a retailer website for replacement options.