THE BOTTOM-UP NARROWS HIKE IS OPEN! Stop by for equipment! Reservations are optional!

An unforgettable experience in the Narrows begins with appropriate equipment! We rent the gear you’ll need to comfortably navigate the wet, uneven terrain in the Narrows year-round. Reservations are not required but are available here on our site. Adjustments can easily be made to all reservations upon arrival. We keep plenty of equipment in stock in order to accommodate all walk-in customers. All Narrows equipment can be picked up either the morning of your hike or the evening prior after 4pm.

Warm Weather Package

Recommended May-September

Dry Pants Package

Recommended September-December

Waterproof Backpack

Recommended Year-Round

Kid's Drysuit Package

Recommended September-May

Dry Bib Package

Recommended December-May