Canyoneering Package

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*All reserved items must be picked up by 10:00 am*

Our canyoneering package is for those exploring wet slot canyons other than the Narrows and the bottom-up Subway hike. The canyoneering package offers equipment rentals that include a full neoprene wetsuit, canyoneering boots, and neoprene socks. The canyoneering boots are specifically designed for slippery conditions that maintain grip while wet and provide proper ankle support. The boots are worn with neoprene socks which insulate the foot and prevent the blistering and discomfort accompanied with hiking in wet boots. We do not allow use of our drysuits in technical slots as it easily damages the gear and does not hold up as well as wetsuits. This package is perfect for a day of canyoneering in Zion National Park.

Canyoneering Package includes:
Neoprene Socks
Canyoneering Boots

*All canyoneers are required to wear shorts and a t-shirt over the top of wetsuits to prevent damage to the neoprene.

Canyoneering Package Extra Day… $25

Cancellation Policy

*All reserved items must be picked up by 10:00 am*

Reservations are optional and can be canceled for a full refund with 24-hour notice. Full refunds will be granted with no advance notice on days deemed unsafe due to weather conditions.


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