Hiking the Narrows:

The bottom up Narrows hike is currently open. The hike does close some years due to high Spring runoff. As the weather continues to warm up the water levels will rise. We are not expecting a long closure due to the minimal snow pack we received this year but there is always a chance it will impact your hike. The river’s CFS (cubic feet per second) must remain below 150 for 24 hrs in order for the hike to be open. Check the river’s CFS (most recent instantaneous value) at the following link: https://waterdata.usgs.gov/usa/nwis/uv?09405500

Narrows Equipment Rentals:

We are currently recommending the dry bib package. By the end of May most hikers will be going out in our warm weather package as the temperatures warm up. We are happy to adjust any reservation packages/group sizes/dates as needed. Reservations are optional though we do recommend arriving by 10am the day of your hike since it’s been such a busy Spring! Reservations for holiday weekends may be limited; come in first come first serve. We are flexible on reservation dates should you need to adjust based on your shuttle slot. We can also cancel/refund any packages should your plans change. Narrows equipment can be picked up either the morning of your hike or the evening prior after 4pm. For full details on Narrows Rentals click here: https://zionoutfitter.com/narrows-rentals/

Toxic Algae Bloom in the Virgin River:

You may have heard about the toxic algae bloom which has been affecting the Virgin River the past year. The bottom up hike is still open to hikers. The main recommendation from the national park has been to avoid submerging in the water or drinking the water. By following these important precautions many hikers have been able to continue to do the hike without additional reported issues. The top-down Narrows hike involves deeper wades and possible swims and has been closed by the national park until further notice. For more information see the park website here: https://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/conditions.htm


No vehicles are allowed up the Scenic Drive in Zion Canyon; shuttles only! Due to Covid-19 the Zion Canyon Shuttles are limited and require a ticket which can be purchased for $1 at recreation.gov. These tickets do sell out and can be hard to get! If you are unable to secure a spot on the Zion Shuttle we refer our customers to Red Rock Shuttles who pick up and drop off from our location. You can reach them at 435-635-9104.

Biking in Zion and Bike Rentals:

Biking is a great way to soak in the views of Zion and avoid the shuttle situation! Bike racks are available at each shuttle stop where trailheads begin should you choose to use bikes to get to the hikes in the park. Due to the limited shuttle capacity this year bikes are in high demand! We are not currently taking bike reservations and rent all regular bikes first come first serve. We suggest an early arrival to ensure inventory is available. Each day we allow our first 20 pedal assist e-bikes to be reserved online. The remaining inventory is rented first come first serve each morning. No e-bike reservations are available on holiday weekends. For full details on bikes or to check for e-bike reservation availability click here: https://zionoutfitter.com/bike-the-parus/

Covid Concerns while Renting:

Our rental area is located outside of the building where you can spread out to try on your equipment in the fresh air. Masks are required by customers and staff while inside the building. All equipment is thoroughly washed and sanitized after each use.

Virgin River Tubing

We will not be renting tubes for floating the Virgin River during the 2021 season due to the dry winter we have had. If you still wish to float the river we will be selling inflatable tubes that can be purchased and used on your own. Customers have access to our tube launch area and air compressor. From our shop you can float the 2 miles downstream to the city park in Springdale. It is recommended to exit here and use the Springdale shuttle to return. This usually takes about 2 hours until Summer when water levels are low and it can take much longer. If you exit before the park be mindful or private property. Read details about the activity here (with link to this page https://zionoutfitter.com/virgin-river-tubing/)



*Spring 2021 Update*


Shuttles are running weekends only until March 13 when they will resume running daily. Plan on an early arrival to the park on days when the shuttle is not running since the gates close once parking is full. Shuttles are mandatory when running; no personal vehicles are allowed up canyon. A $1 permit is required and can be obtained at recreation.gov. Permits are limited and do run out.

If you are unable to secure a spot on the Zion Shuttle we refer our customers to Red Rock Shuttle who can be reached at (435) 635-9104.

Bikes can also be rented from our location to get to the trailheads. We are currently renting bikes first-come-first-serve and recommend an early arrival to ensure inventory is available.


*Winter 2021 Update*


Beginning January 3 personal vehicles will be allowed up canyon until early Spring

(date still to be determined by park)

An early start is recommended when the shuttles are not running. Once limited parking in the canyon is filled the Scenic Drive is closed to vehicles. Bikes can be rented from our location (first come first serve) to get to trailheads even after parking is filled.


*Updates for Visiting Zion Fall 2020*


Bike Rentals: We are not currently taking bike reservations due to high demand with the shuttle situation. Bikes can be used to get to trailheads in Zion Canyon. All bikes can be rented in the morning on a first-come-first-serve basis. An early arrival is recommended since we can run low on inventory during the morning.

Narrows Equipment: Reservations for Narrows equipment is optional since we keep plenty in stock and generally never run out. We are currently recommending the dry pants package. We are very flexible should you book and need to adjust the date or package of your reservation. Equipment can be picked up either the morning of your hike or the evening prior after 4pm at no additional cost. All Narrows equipment is due back by 7 pm the day of your hike.

Algae Bloom in Virgin River: A toxic algae bloom has been detected in the Virgin River this year. If you would like to hike the Narrows, the main recommendation is to avoid submerging in the water or drinking the water. Though there is some risk involved it seems to be extremely small when taking basic precautions. Hikers have been enjoying the Narrows this year with no reported issues so far. If you have concerns please speak with a Zion National Park ranger prior to your hike. Additional information can be found on the park website.


*Update on Visiting Zion while the Shuttles are not running (Summer 2020)*:

Zion National Park is currently open; however, the Zion and Springdale shuttles are not running. Please check the National park website for updates since shuttles may resume this summer. Hwy 9 runs through the east side of the park and remains open all day to vehicles. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is open to vehicles in the morning but closes once the limited parking up canyon is filled. Many mornings this occurs between 6 and 7 am.

Those hoping to park at the Narrows trailhead are lining up by 4:30 am at the Zion Lodge until the park opens at 6 am. The early arrival needed to park at the Temple of Sinawava changes daily; following the park on twitter is a great way to get updates. Staff at the shop can also help update you when you arrive to rent equipment. Plan to rent equipment the evening prior to your hike (4 pm-8:30 pm) in order to get an early start!

Once the Scenic Drive is closed to vehicles it is still open to private shuttles, bikes, and foot traffic. If you wish to pay for a private shuttle to the Narrows we refer our customers to Red Rock Shuttles. You can reach them at 435-635-9104 for pricing and reservations. Red Rock Shuttles pick-up and drop-off at our location.

Bike rentals are also available at our location and can be used to get to trailheads. Due to high demand, we are not accepting bike reservations. Bikes can be picked up first come first serve in the morning. We open at 7 am and generally have a line when we open. We do run out of bikes so arriving by 8 am most mornings is necessary. Reservations are available and optional for Narrows equipment since we have plenty in stock and do not run out.


Tubing season has ended. We have stopped renting due to low water levels. For those who still wish to float the river, we have inflatable tubes are available to purchase and take out on your own. Air pump and launch area access are available to customers.


Tubing minimum age has been adjusted to 12 and up!


THE BOTTOM-UP NARROWS HIKE IS OPEN! Stop by for equipment! Reservations are optional!


TUBING SEASON IS OPEN! We are currently renting tubes to float the Virgin River for adults ages 18 and up. Once levels are lower we’ll begin renting to everyone ages 8 and up. Tubing is available most years until mid-July when the river becomes too low for the activity. Inflatable tubes are always available to purchase in the shop and use at your own risk. Come prepared with closed toe shoes! Be prepared for an adventure! This is NOT a lazy river float! You will get flipped from your tube! You will be soaked! Most people have tons of fun but come prepared for an adventure!


Tube rentals are not yet available for the 2019 season. We are expecting safe levels to begin during the month of June and last into July. Follow us on social media for regular updates. During July water levels become low and we discontinue renting tubes. Inflatable tubes may be purchased in-store at this time and can be used at your own risk.


Tube rentals will not be available during the 2018 season due to low water levels in the Virgin River.

Inflatable tubes are available for purchase at our store to be used your own risk. Only tubes purchased in our shop will have access to our private launch area and air compressor.

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River Tubing rentals have come to a close for the season. We are selling Quality tubes for those who wish to make their own adventure in the Virgin River!

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Zion Narrows OPEN!!! Bottom up and back as well as top down hike is open!

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