Store Hours/Location:

We are currently open from 7 am to 9 pm daily (Summer Hours). We are located next to the pedestrian entrance for the national park, just a short walk from the Visitor Center (7 Zion Park Blvd Springdale, UT). For full 2024 seasonal hours click here: https://zionoutfitter.com/contact-us/


Paid parking ($30+) is available in our lot or free at the Visitor Center (just a short walk from our location). An early arrival is needed for these spaces. Additional paid parking is available along the roads in town; the free Springdale shuttle can be used to get from your vehicle (or hotel) to our location at the Zion pedestrian entrance. Overflow RV parking is not available in our lot but is available in town on Lion Blvd.

ZNP Shuttles:

The Zion Shuttle is required in the main Zion Canyon and leaves from the Visitor Center. View the Zion Shuttle Schedule here: https://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/zion-canyon-shuttle-system.htm

Private Shuttles:

For private trailhead shuttles (outside the main Zion Canyon) we recommend Red Rock Shuttles who can reached at 435-635-9104. Reservations can also be made at http://www.redrockshuttle.com


Shower facility is open from 7am to 10:30pm. Shower tokens are $4 per 5 minutes.

Laundry facility is not currently unavailable.

Lockers are available to rent for $5-8/day

Hiking the Narrows:

Is the Narrows open??? It is spring time in Zion which means snowmelt time! Every year is different but most years experience at least some weeks of closure from mid March to early June while the snow in the mountains melts. As of mid March the Narrows has remained a good level for hiking the Narrows but we anticipate levels to rise as the temperatures continue to rise. Here are a few ways to check if the Narrows is open:

1. Check for closures on the ZNP conditions page: https://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/conditions.htm

2. Follow us on social media for updates about the river!

3. The Narrows is open when the CFS (cubic feet per second) of the Virgin River remains below 150 for 24 hours (120 for top down hike). Normal hiking conditions during the year range from about 30 to 70 CFS. Flows over 100 CFS will feel strenuous to walk against and may not be suitable for all hikers, especially children. Check the CFS (cubic feet per second) of the river here: https://waterdata.usgs.gov/monitoring-location/09405500/#parameterCode=00065&period=P7D&showMedian=false
**scroll past graph to “select data to graph” and select “discharge, cubic feet per second”

Click here for details about the Narrows hike: https://zionoutfitter.com/the-narrows/

Narrows Equipment Rentals:

Narrows equipment can be picked up either the morning of your hike or the evening prior 4-8pm at no additional cost (evening prior rentals based on availability). All equipment is due back by 8pm the day of your hike.

We are currently recommending the Warm Weather Package for the Summer season. We carry all boot sizes from kid’s 11T to men’s 15. We can adjust equipment reservations as needed based on staff recommendations or sizing the day of your rental. Full details: https://zionoutfitter.com/product/warm-weather-package-copy-3/

Walking sticks or neoprene socks can be rented separately for $9 (each) on a walk-in basis. The full package is highly recommended.

Group Discount of 10% can be redeemed in-store or online. Discount will automatically apply to reservations of 8 or more package. Groups of 25 or more will automatically receive 20% off.

Narrows Equipment Reservations:

Reservations are optional but recommended. We do not require sizes to reserve and guarantee to have all sizes available for reserved customers prior to 10am each day. If you are unable to make it by 10am come in first come first serve; we generally don’t run out and will likely have equipment available. Narrows Reservations: https://zionoutfitter.com/narrows-rentals/

Make your reservation for the day of your hike only. There is no additional fee to pick up the evening prior.

We are flexible and can make adjustments as needed upon arrival. If you need a refund/partial refund please bring the card you used to pay and staff can refund you in-person OR email info@zionoutfitter.com. We ask for 24 hr notice to cancel but will provide refunds without notice as needed.

Toxic Cyanobacteria Bloom in Zion National Park:

Have you heard about the Cyanobacteria in Zion?? Click here for information: https://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/toxic-cyanobacteria-bloom-in-the-virgin-river-and-the-streams-of-zion-national-park.htm


Save time and fill out our waiver prior to your arrival here:

Biking in Zion and Bike Rentals:

Reservations for ADULT bikes are available for the first 40 regular bikes each day. Remaining bikes are rented on a walk-in basis beginning at 7am. We generally don’t run out but an early arrival will ensure we have all sizes available. All bikes are due back by 8pm. Bike racks are available at each shuttle stop should you choose to use bikes to get to the trailheads. Bike locks are not mandatory for our regular bikes but you are welcome to bring your own! There is not special rate for additional days. Bikes may not be kept overnight or picked up the evening prior. Full details: https://zionoutfitter.com/bike-the-parus/

We do not currently have any bike trailers or attachments available for children. Child size bikes (16″, 20″, 24″, and 26″) are available on a walk-in basis and cannot be reserved in advance. An early arrival will ensure we have all sizes available.

Pedal Assist E-bikes:

E-bikes can be picked up when we open and are due back by 8pm. Each day we allow our first 30 pedal assist e-bikes to be reserved online. The remaining inventory is rented first come first serve beginning at 7am. We generally don’t run out on non-holiday weeks so stop by in the morning even if you are unable to get a reservation. No e-bike reservations are available on holiday weekends. Age limit for e-bikes is 14. Any rider under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All bikes are single rider only! Helmets and locks are required and provided. Full details and availability: https://zionoutfitter.com/bike-the-parus/

Tubing the Virgin River:

We no longer rent tubes for floating the Virgin River. During late Spring and Summer we do have inflatable tubes available for purchase (variety of styles ranging from about $25-$45). An air compressor and our launch area are available to paying customers but the activity is done at your own risk. The window for best tubing conditions changes each year and generally lasts only several weeks in June when water conditions are low enough for safety but high enough for fun. By July most years the river is very low and you can expect to walk many sections and get in and out of your tube frequently to avoid rocks and shallow spots. Floating the river is fun for some groups but is not recommended for everyone, especially young children and those in poor physical condition. The Springdale Shuttle runs parallel to the river and can be used to return to your vehicle.